Olive Branch Assisted Living Facility

History and Cost

HISTORY:  The Olive Branch ALF located in Hudson, Pasco County, Florida has been in business since 1995 operating under the same owners: Stephen A. Spoeth, B.S.B.A. and Olive Spoeth, B.A.Ed.. We have successfully established a reputable home with high standards  which has been proven by exemplary inspection reports form State, County, and Ombudsman inspectors. The hands on owners are easily accessible to answer any questions regarding the residents. We are proud to state that the majority of our referrals come form doctors, nurses, home health agencies, and residents families.

COST: The cost for staying at the Olive Branch ALF is determined by the administrator, Olive Spoeth. The administrator assesses the functional level of the individuals and their financial means. The administrator also, assists in obtaining veterans benefits for both veterans and their spouses.
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